Ming Zhu,
Equity Research Analyst, Insurance

Ming is a qualified actuary with six years of equity research experience at Canaccord, where she assumed lead analyst responsibility for covering UK life insurance. She joined Panmure Gordon in 2018 to further develop our UK insurance sector franchise.

What motivated you to join Panmure Gordon?

When I interviewed for this role, I realised the firm was undergoing exciting changes following the change in control and because of new regulations. At my interview meetings we discussed how I thought regulatory change, particularly MiFID II, would greatly impact our business, and everyone I met agreed. I thought it was important to work with people who had the same views on regulations as I did. Everyone I met was commercially driven and it was clear they were working to ensure the business model works in this new regulatory regime. They talked about being competitive and relevant to clients, and that resonated with me.

How has your prior experience as a qualified actuary prepared you for this role?

I cover insurance companies, so my actuarial background is very relevant to what I do every day. It’s a natural career path. I have industry knowledge, modelling skills and a network in the industry, which helps me deeply understand the companies I write about.  While there are other skills that are required to be a good analyst, such as communication skills and understanding the macro environment, being an actuary also enables me to translate industry language for a broader audience since it is difficult for someone without insurance experience to understand the technical aspects of the insurance sector. There are a lot of regulatory changes impacting insurers, and I understand the impact of these changes and why regulators are looking at those particular areas and issues.

What have been your initial impressions of Panmure Gordon’s culture?

Before I joined, I had been to meetings at the Panmure Gordon offices and thought the company had an ‘old school’ culture. Since I joined, I’m finding it to be more dynamic than I previously thought, and very commercial. My colleagues are all extremely diligent, hard-working, and understand the competitive environment we’re in.

I was delighted to see how many women work here. The current leadership team seems to really embrace diversity, which has helped me feel at home at Panmure Gordon.