Lara Rodriguez
Associate, Equity Research

Lara works in Panmure Gordon’s Equity Research team, where she moved after a stint in the firm’s Private Capital Solutions team. Before that, she spent 8 ½ years at AKO Capital, a £10bn AUM hedge fund, doing research. Lara graduated from London Business School with a Master’s Degree in Finance in 2016.

How have your previous roles and education prepared you for this role?

I work in Panmure Gordon’s Equity Research team, which covers publicly listed companies in the UK. My Masters in Finance from London Business School helped me refine my analytical capabilities, and my previous role at a hedge fund gave me the tools to conduct in depth bottom-up research.

What are your impressions of Panmure Gordon’s culture?

During the interview process I asked the interviewers what they liked the most about Panmure Gordon and they all said “the people”. Since I joined I’ve discovered this wasn’t just a textbook answer. Everyone has been very welcoming and I enjoy the environment: hardworking, professional and friendly.

There is a transparency and openness which I think is very important for any business, which I value. Management in different areas of the business meet with other teams and with junior colleagues on a regular basis and seek feedback on how things are going. These meetings are a great way to discuss how our business is progressing and they create a safe environment for more junior employees to give suggestions and ask questions.

What does a typical work day look like?

Every day is different and very much depends on the projects we are working on and what’s happening with the companies we cover.

I generally get to the office at around 6:30am, I look at the news and check what happened in the markets overnight. At 7:15am our analysts share any important sector and company information at the Equities Morning Meeting. Every day is different in Research and it depends on the companies we are covering, but day-to-day tasks include performing company analysis and doing market research within the sector. Since I recently moved into this role I am not yet writing research, but I‘m excited about the prospect as I work towards that goal.