Juliana Wheeler
Managing Director - Head of Marketing & Communications

Juliana has extensive experience in senior marketing and communications roles at financial services firms. She previously worked for Barclays as Head of Employee Communications for the Chief Operating Officer, at LCH.Clearnet as Head of Marketing and Communications and at J.P. Morgan in a number of senior marketing and communications roles. Prior to this, Juliana was a financial journalist at Bloomberg and the Financial Times.

You’ve worked for some global financial institutions. Why did you join Panmure Gordon?

I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to work with some very talented people at two large banks, and I learned a great deal at each of them. There were a number of things that attracted me to Panmure Gordon. I was and continue to be excited about the opportunity to help build a business and make a real difference here. At Panmure Gordon my perspective is taken into account at the most senior levels.

How does your journalism background help you do your role?

I’m very pleased to work for a company that welcomes people with non-traditional backgrounds and experience. The diversity of experience our colleagues have means they bring a new perspective to what we do. As a former journalist, I am a strong writer and communicator, skills which are greatly valued by my colleagues, and I’m able to look at our business from an external perspective having seen and written about a variety of companies and executives. My responsibilities include marketing to support the business development agenda, internal communications and employee engagement, and external communications including media relations. Some journalists I speak to are former colleagues, and I enjoy seeing them again.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to change careers and go into banking?

First, it helps if your skills and background fit with the type of financial services organisation you’d like to work for. For example, consumer experience might lend itself to advising retail companies. Second, understand the industry you’re looking at moving into. Since I wrote about banking when I was a financial journalist, I came to Panmure Gordon with a clear understanding of its business and objectives. Finally, find a cultural fit that’s right for you. This can include flat versus multi-layered management structures and the pace of the environment.