Akash Gharu,
Director of Technology & Operations

Akash has more than 20 years’ experience in technology-led financial services and joined Panmure Gordon from foreign exchange specialists Global Reach Partners, where he was CIO. His previous experience includes CTO for FXCM Securities, Head of Data Services at CMC Markets under Goldman Sachs, and Thomson Reuters.

What are some of the technological and operational challenges faced by the financial services industry, and how is Panmure Gordon addressing them?

There is a huge trend in Financial Services to consolidate by leveraging technology as well as exploring ways of obtaining competitive agility. Meanwhile, at Panmure Gordon we believe there is an opportunity to remain lean by boosting our productivity through technology and operational efficiencies, as well as providing insights from data to drive the business forwards.  

We are committed to working with people who will help our journey of transformation. Processes and problem solving will ultimately be in the hands of technology so it’s imperative that we retain the ability to think creatively and remain highly engaged with the business for future success. 

I am not from a traditional banking background, so I am hoping to inject more of a Fintech, entrepreneurial element to the firm. By example, harnessing leading-edge systems and ways of working, and moving our computing securely to the cloud is now firmly within our strategy.

How has your experience outside of the financial services industry affected the way you approach your role?

I’m an engineer at heart so I build and create things. This interest extends beyond my work life. Years ago, I’d spend a fair amount of time with classic cars. And, as a young teenager I stayed up night after night and learned how to program my small home computer to remotely operate some home appliances. I made a few mistakes at the beginning and some fuses needed replacing, but I can look back now and see how those experiences where a good foundation for a resourceful, inquisitive, yet diligent approach from me going forwards.

I read engineering at University and then I combined this with my fascination for psychology by further studying ergonomics. I’ve always been interested in the relationship between humans and machines, which applies well to my work at Panmure Gordon. I feel lucky that I can cross many of my passions with my career.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your work?

I get a big kick from working alongside great colleagues. I’m delighted that Panmure Gordon’s leadership is fully supportive of the technology and operations agenda. As a combined division this gives my teams latitude to find the right solutions to continuously improve business operations. Panmure Gordon’s leadership understands what we are trying to achieve and is fully committed to achieving the best outcomes.