Investment Moats:
The perspectives of UK investors and the wider Economy

Warren Buffett, the legendary US investor believes that every company he finances should have a moat. This is not the behaviour of a rich eccentric obsessed with medieval water features. It is a shrewd financier keen that his investments are protected from competition.

This Thursday sees the release of the Bank of England’s Q4 Inflation Report and latest monetary policy decision. In this post we consider what to expect, why we hold this view, and the longer term outlook.

Hurricane Irma is rated as one of the costliest natural disasters in US history. We explore what the impact could be on insurance companies, as a result.

In a recent CNBC interview with Gemma Acton, our head of M&A, Karri Vuori, reports that private equity activity in Europe is booming, despite the fact that mergers are on ice across the pond as buyers wait for Trump to deliver on tax and antitrust reform.

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Brexit, global political uncertainty and interest rates were all topics under discussion when our chief economist Simon French talked to business correspondent at the London Stock Exchange, Sarah Lockett. Click here to view the interview in full.

Our Chief Economist, Simon French, on the outlook for U.K. Monetary Policy

Panmure’s Chief Economist, Simon French, offers analysis on the impact of the election results


The Times profiles CEO Ian Axe

Panmure Gordon’s CEO Ian Axe was interviewed in The Times, and spoke about his career and vision for the company.