Holding(s) in company: 31 May 2012

The Company has been notified that the Panmure Gordon & Co. plc No. 2 Employee Benefit Trust (“the EBT”) has today purchased 200,000 ordinary shares in the Company at a price of 10.5p per share.

These shares are to be held in the EBT and are intended to be used to satisfy share awards made under the Company’s Performance Share Plan or other future plans. The EBT is a discretionary trust for the benefit of employees including the executive directors of the Company.

Praxis Trustees Limited, as Trustees of the EBT, also holds 8,903,085 ordinary shares in the Company, 6,916,790 of which are the subject of share options granted to employees under the Company’s 2005 Employee Share Option Plan. The EBT’s total holding is now therefore 9,103,085 shares, representing 6.04% of the Company’s issued share capital.