Final Results: 12 March 2008

Panmure Gordon & Co. plc today announces preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2007.

12 March 2008


Preliminary Results for the Year ended 31 December 2007

Panmure Gordon & Co. plc today announces preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2007.


Financial Highlights

• Group revenue up 55% to £65.2m (2006: £42.0m)
• Basic earnings per share increased to 8.23p (2006: 6.49p)
• Adjusted earnings per share of 11.68p (2006: 15.83p)
• Final dividend of 1.5p, giving total maiden dividend of 3p
• Cash position of £34.4m at year end with net tangible assets (excluding goodwill) of £37.6m
• Overall increase in UK investment banking fees to £26.2m (2006: £23.3m)
• US investment banking revenue on a pro-forma basis grew by 38% to $31.9m*
• Panmure Gordon involved in deals raising £1.2bn
• ThinkEquity involved in deals raising $2.0bn
• ThinkEquity Wealth Management assets under advisement up by 8% at $889m

* Calendar 2007 versus calendar 2006. The results of ThinkEquity are included in the Group results only from the date of acquisition of 30 March 2007.

Business Highlights

• Acquisition of ThinkEquity in March 2007
• 62 billable transactions in the UK
• 27 new corporate clients during 2007 in the UK
• 22 equity transactions executed in the US
• Recognised as most active AIM broker in first half 2007 by Growth Company Investor
• Opening of new offices in Liverpool and Geneva

Tim Linacre, Chief Executive, said “We are financially robust, have great brands, a transparent business model, talented staff and a strong reputation. We had an excellent first half and a tougher second as global market turmoil impacted both our industry and our clients. We have no exposure to esoteric financial instruments, nor do we have any off balance sheet exposures. We have continued to build on the firm’s strengths, and we are focused on achieving a satisfactory financial performance in 2008, irrespective of market conditions, and ensuring the business is well placed for when conditions improve.”

For further information, please contact

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Tim Linacre, Chief Executive
David Liddell, Chief Financial Officer
Nathaniel Webb, Global Communications Manager
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