Panmure Gordon joins LSE Issuer Services in review and outlook

Our Chief Economist Simon French joined Sarah Lockett of LSE Issuer Services, offering his thoughts and analysis on the key economic and political issues from 2017, as well as flagging those that may arise in 2018 and beyond. 

The above video was filmed by LSE Issuer Services – Spark and the original can be found here.

In it, our Chief Economist Simon French answers a series of key questions on political and macroeconomic events and trends. An invaluable analysis for SMEs, we’ve broken down the full video by sections (below) but we’d definitely advise spending 20 mins to get the full picture.



Global Growth

Is it sustainable?

What does the medium term outlook bring?



The Financial Crisis

How is the financial crisis still playing into the economy, and will that change in 2018?



Is all growth good?

What is “the social licence of capitalism” and why is it so important?



Interest rates

What impact will Brexit have on BoE policy?

What does “normalisation” mean and are we heading towards it any time soon?



UK Productivity

Just how bad is it in the UK, and why is it so poor?

Why is productivity so key to the economy?

What conditions need to be created to improve productivity?

You can read an in-depth analysis of productivity from Simon here.

08:59 Protectionism

Trump has introduced fewer protectionist measures than Obama. But will that change as mid-terms arrive?

Protectionism has reduced in some parts of the globe. Where has this happened and why do politicians enact protectionist policies in the first place?

How does the cheaper pound interact with protectionism, and which sectors are most affected – for good or bad?



Brexit – what next? 

With the divorce bill agreed, what next for the key topics of negotiation: EU nationals and the Irish border?

What sort of Brexit are the markets pricing in? Which markets are most affected?



Oil markets

How will OPEC supply restrictions affect the market and the barrel price?

What impact might an Aramco deal have, and what form might this deal take?




Can it work as a currency?

What are the key risks involved?



Investor outlook

Which sectors / territories seem like good options in 2018?

Which might be due a correction?

Simon writes regularly both on this site and for The Times. His analyses of both wider macroeconomic issues and specific, key events offer clear guidance and much food for thought for business owners and executives.