Frequently Asked Questions


Trading Status

Legal entity: Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited (“Panmure Gordon”)

LEI: 213800GM8RB7MS4L3Z24

FCA FRN: 403721

LSE Member Mnemonic: PMURGB2L

Is Panmure Gordon considered to be an EEA broker?


Supported asset classes


Trading capacities (DEAL, AOTC or MTCH)

We will be executing all transactions under DEAL.

Routing of orders to non-EEA (non-MiFIDII) entities

All our orders will be routed to MiFIDII compliant entities.

SI Status

Panmure Gordon will not be an SI in any asset classes.

OTF Status

Panmure Gordon will not be operating as an OTF.

Assisted Trade Reporting

We will offer assisted reporting in equities via BATS. Should you require further information, please contact the MiFIDII team.

Terms of Business & Order Execution Policies

Our Terms of Business and Order Execution Policies are in the process of being repapered and will be disseminated to our clients in Q4 2017.

Research costs

Please contact the MiFID Team at MiFIDII@panmure.com should you wish to arrange a meeting. Individual commercial arrangements are discussed with each client.

Disclosures for best execution

Panmure Gordon – RTS 28 Article 3 for 2017.

Panmure Gordon – RTS 28 Article 3 for 2018.

MiFIDII Contact

All MiFIDII related queries should be directed to MiFIDII@panmure.com