Meet the CEO: Steve Flavell, co-CEO of LoopUp

Simon French, Panmure Gordon’s Chief Economist, interviews Steve Flavell, co-CEO of LoopUp, about the company’s growth, culture and what current and prospective investors should look for in the coming months.

Below are video clips of Simon’s interview with Steve, touching on various topics about the company’s growth, strategy and leadership. The entire interview is here. Specific questions and answers from the interview are below.

Q:  Can you give more detail about what LoopUp does? (1:48 including introduction)

Q: Your business model is different than most Software as a Service businesses. Can you please give more detail? (0:48)

Q: Your business looks at the lifetime value vs cost of acquisition of each customer. Can you talk about those metrics and also about the economics of recent acquisitions? (1:33)

Q: Economics suggest your sales figure and EBITDA will double next year. How will you achieve that? (1:05)

Q: You recently set up an academy to train new sales people. How has that gone? (1:24)

Q: How has the acquisition of Meeting Zone changed the business? Are you looking for further acquisitions? (1:19)

Q: What is the culture like at LoopUp and what is it like to work there? (1:53)

Q: What is your take on Zoom as a potential competitor? (1:45)

Q: What’s the next technological leap in this sector? (2:42)

Q: What corporate events should investors look for as LoopUp grows? (2:05)



Simon French

Economics & Strategy